Growing Agency and Voice

WMS supports newcomers and immigrants to grow agency and voice. Our goal is to empower them to participate, represent, and advocate.

Finding a Voice

WMS empowers immigrants and newcomers to raise their voice. WMS:

  • collaborates with Newcomer Services across the region to gain input and feedback from newcomers and immigrants for input to community development and initiatives

  • actively seeks input, opinions and data from newcomers and other racialized community members to bring those marginalized voices to the table. Check the blog for the latest feedback, interviews, and reports, and the Whistler Multicultural YouTube for video interviews

  • circulates and shares information, updates, and resources relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion via our social media on Facebook and Instagram

  • develops and delivers a Community Leadership Program to build leadership, communication and other core skills needed to work in, or volunteer for, community and civic organizations

Community Leadership Program

The Community Leadership Program develops the skills, knowledge and confidence to enable newcomers and immigrants to successfully participate in their community. Based on the principles of inclusion, diversity, and equity, it prepares them for volunteering or working in a social/community setting or organization. Topics covered include community, asset-based community development, leadership, communication and facilitation skills for community group work, building consensus, conflict resolution, and community project planning and research.

Volunteering is a great way for newcomers and immigrants to get connected to the people and places where they live and can really help them get established in your new country and community. As a newcomer to Canada, volunteering can provide an opportunity to help others and it can also help find a job in Canada.

Fostering Inclusion

WMS is committed to providing opportunities for newcomers, immigrants and other marginalized, racialized community members to have full involvement in program/service development and delivery, putting them at the centre of all our activities:

  • WMS board directors are 83% newcomers and people of colour. All are previous program participants and volunteers who have decided to take a leadership role.

  • WMS staff are 100% immigrants, 88% from racialized minorities.

  • All activity leaders are recruited from local newcomer/immigrant and other marginalized, racialized communities.