Get Involved

Get involved in your community, meet new people, and learn new skills

Whistler Multicultural Society volunteer program offers a range of opportunities to get involved depending on newcomers' interests, skills, and time available.

If you choose to volunteer with WMS, you’ll have the opportunity to drive the direction, vision, and mission of this immigrant-led non-profit organization and to support our local multicultural, multiracial communities. 

Meet new people, make new friends, and grow new skills...

Contribute to your community...

Check out some of the opportunities at WMS....

ESL Mentor

Support an adult learner in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension of the English Language. Share cultural experiences and help the learner connect to the broader community. [More detail… ESL mentor job description]

Join the Whistler Multicultural Society Board

Help drive the vision, mission and program development to support local multicultural and multiracial community members. As we grow and develop to deliver services and programs across the Sea to Sky and Sunshine Coast, a core value is for our organization to be led totally by newcomers, immigrants and other racialized community members - from all the communities we serve. Find your voice with us…   [More detail… WMS board member information sheet]

Immigrant Peer Supporter

Support your peers, your social, family and work connections, with information and referrals that help them cope with adjusting and adapting to life in Canada and Whistler. [More detail… Immigrant Peer Educator job description]. This program is delivered in-person in each community and occasionally regionally online. Contact your local settlement worker to find out when (and how) the next program will be delivered in your community. 

Multicultural Community Kitchens Chef and/or Assistant

Would you like to share a recipe and food from your culture? Join a Multicultural Community Kitchen as a chef to cook a recipe from your culture with other locals. 

Work with the Multicultural Outreach Worker to run monthly Multicultural Community Kitchens.  Help prepare, manage and record the recipe from each event, encourage participants connect to each other, and ensure cultural sharing is enjoyable. [More detail… Multicultural Community Kitchens Assistant job description

Volunteer Coordinator

Work with Newcomer Services staff to build immigrant understanding of the value of volunteering in Canada, recruit and support volunteers, and coordinate volunteer tracking for recognition and references. [More detail… Volunteer Coordinator job description]. Opportunities will vary from community to community, so contact your nearest Settlement Services office to see how you can help locally.