Get Involved

Get involved in your community, meet new people, and learn new skills

Whistler Multicultural Society volunteer program offers a range of opportunities to get involved depending on newcomers' interests, skills, and time available.

If you choose to volunteer with WMS, you’ll have the opportunity to drive the direction, vision, and mission of this immigrant-led non-profit organization and to support our local multicultural, multiracial communities. 

Meet new people, make new friends, and grow new skills...

Contribute to your community...

Check out some of the opportunities at WMS....

Whistler Multicultural Network

Share your experiences and knowledge to support other newcomers and immigrants. Share an interest, a skill or just help host one of our regular networking events.

Whistler Multicultural Society Board of Directors

Help drive the vision, mission and program development to support local multicultural and multiracial community members. As we grow and develop to deliver services and programs across the Sea to Sky and Sunshine Coast, a core value is for our organization to be led totally by newcomers, immigrants and other racialized community members - from all the communities we serve. Find your voice with us…   [More detail… WMS board member information sheet]

Cultural Ambassador

Whether it's sharing food  or different aspects of your culture and traditions you can get involved to grow awareness and understanding of our local diversity. Cultural sharing activities are key to developing an environment where we can all live and grow together equitably. Opportunities to get involved as a Cultural Ambassador include:

We're also always happy for help to set up and manage cultural sharing events. Contact us for a list of what's currently in the planning.

Anti-racism community dialogue

Through our Resilience Whistler program, we seek to provide resources, to educate, and to provide opportunities for community members to come together to find ways to create a more equitable community: through dialogue , workshops, focus groups and more. Join the advisory group, provide content for the monthly Resilience newsletter or contribute in other ways.

Advocating for immigrants and newcomers

Are you an immigrant who'd like to have a greater voice in the community? We're looking for people with an interest in civic affairs who can represent and advocate for other new Canadians. Whether your interest is in local planning, housing, healthcare, education, or other topics, contact us to find out more about opportunities in this area.