Whistler Multicultural Society

Building Equitable Community

Whistler Multicultural Society's (WMS) vision is that newcomers and immigrants are resilient and are thriving. Our programs build cross-cultural interaction and connections, develop awareness and understanding of our local diversity, and seek to grow equity and inclusion.  We aim to build the voice and profile of newcomers and immigrants in our local society, and to develop community inclusion initiatives. 

September event: Systemic racism - let your voice be heard...

Save the date!

Join us at our in-person and online events on 20 and 26 September, where we aim to start a local discussion and community dialogue to build anti-racism activities and education locally.  The meeting will focus on systemic racism, review the results of our racism survey across the Sea to Sky, and then explore how government can address racism through legislation. 

We hope that you'll join us in contributing to a powerful dialogue that can drive positive change. Book your spot for 26 September here

Working for newcomers and immigrants across the Sea to Sky