What to consider if you're thinking of joining the WMS Board

What will I do as a WMS Board Member?

What will Whistler Multicultural Society do to support me?

What questions should I be asking myself as I consider joining the Board?


Is the WMS the right cause and organization for me?

When you consider joining a board, first ask yourself whether you truly feel strongly about the type of work that the organization does and the people it serves. Since, as a board member, you’ll be investing time and energy, ask yourself whether the organization provides a good opportunity to get you closer to your goals.

What kind of board will I be joining?

Think about the type of board you’ll be joining. What about the diversity of the board; does it represent the stakeholders in the community? You may want a board that really lets you roll up your sleeves and get to work with the other board members, or you may want a board that is stable and can let you learn about board work in a deliberate way.

What can I, and what will I, contribute to this organization?

What skills, contacts, and perspectives do I have that will be useful to this organization? How, specifically, will the board use what I can bring? Perhaps you have musical skills, or know accounting, or have writing skills that you’d like to use more. Perhaps your network includes dozens of influential community leaders. Consider first what you bring to the table, and then, whether you are willing to give that to the organization. Look, too, for ways to use your skills. Ask yourself:

Do I believe in this organization enough to introduce my friends to it? Can I make a commitment to attending at least 70% of the meetings? Am I willing to give up a few hours a month? Can I volunteer with other board members at other times than meeting dates? The right time to ask these questions is before, not after, you have joined the board.


This final question is one that potential candidates should ask themselves and one that active board members should periodically re-examine during their board service:

What do I want to get out of being on this board?

Board members who plan and ask for what they want in the board will contribute more as well as gain more. For example, if you don’t have a finance background but wish you knew more about finance, consider asking to work on financial matters. If one of your reasons for joining the board was to meet new people, volunteer to help any way that makes sense.

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