About Us

Whistler Multicultural Society (WMS) works for immigrants and newcomers to be resilient and thrive. Our mission is to build equitable community by

Our programs build cross-cultural interaction and connections, develop awareness and understanding of our local diversity, and seek to grow equity and inclusion.  We aim to build the voice and profile of newcomers and immigrants in our local community, and to develop community inclusion initiatives.

Our signature projects and programs include the annual Whistler Multicultural Festival, in its ninth year and celebrating back in-person in 2023, Multicultural Community Kitchens and the Immigrant Community Leadership Program. 

Since September 2020, WMS has been funded as a spoke in the Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network providing information, updates and access to training and workshops. 

For more information on the Whistler Multicultural Society, check out our annual reports...

For more information on supporting immigrants and newcomers by volunteering on the Whistler Multicultural Society board, see this WMS board member information sheet or email: info@wmsociety.ca