Migrant Worker Support Program

Are you a Temporary Foreign Worker living or working in Whistler? Do you have a closed work permit, OPW -V, or a maintained status and feel uncertain about your rights in Canada? Do you believe that you are subjected to any sort of bias and/or abuse at your current workplace?

The Migrant Worker Support Program provides guidance and assists you in accessing any resources and services you may need. This service is made available to you through the Whistler Multicultural Society and funded through Mosaic by Employment and Social Development Canada.

Tell us what information and support you would find helpful by completing this survey.

Our services include:

Information and Referral

We provide information and referral services to help migrant workers access a range of services, including healthcare, social, and legal services as well as pathways to PR.

Employment Standards

We support migrant workers and provide information on worker’s rights. This includes information on minimum wage, overtime pay, and other labour standards.

Health and Safety

We provide information on how to file a Worksafe BC claim in case of an injury at work and support migrant workers on health and safety issues in the workplace. 

Work Permit

We provide support to migrant workers in cases of workplace harassment, discrimination, or unfair treatment. This includes support for an OPW – V application. 

English Language

We help you understand documents, applications, and forms for various work permits. We can provide help with English language practice. 

All services are free of charge and completely confidential. WMS is a non-profit agency and we will not share personal information with police, government, or anyone else without your explicit consent.

If you have any questions or would like to access our services please contact our support worker via email at raj.soni@wmsociety.ca or call 604-935-6686 or fill out the survey below.